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The Common Dataset Collection is complete

A key element of the conference is the Common Dataset. This is a range of bathymetric and backscatter datasets collected using the latest shallow water survey techniques so that comparisons can be made and the merits of the different approaches judged. To this end, areas were chosen in Plymouth Sound and Wembury Bay which offered a good variety of depth, seabed type and sub-sea structures. In addition, a new target detection test was devised to ensure that fair comparisons can be made between the object detection capabilities of the systems. The data can also be used as a valuable training and research tool.

The organising committee would like to record their heartfelt thanks to the following organisations, who gave numerous resources and a considerable amount of their time to enable the data collection to go ahead.

Applanix Applanix
Flag Officer Sea Training (FOST) Flag Officer Sea Training (FOST)
Geo-Spatial Survey Solutions Ltd Geo-Spatial Survey Solutions Ltd
Valeport Valeport

Common Dataset participants during the summer of 2014 included Edgetech and WASSP, who each brought one sonar system, Kongsberg, who tested both beam forming and interferometric systems and Teledyne Reson who ran the trials with three of their sonar systems. To view the Survey Instructions provided to equipment manufacturers please click here.

The dataset and accompanying information is available on a 2TB USB 3 portable hard disk for £85 (the cost of the media and postage).

Please note that orders for the dataset will continue to be taken up until Friday 25th September 2015. After that they will no longer be available.

A full list of the participating systems and the formats in which the data has been rendered is as follows:

1. 6205 Combined Bathymetry & Dual Frequency Side Scan Sonar (550/1600kHz)
Raw Data = JSF files and Hypack project (Includes raw data folder with .HSX and .RAW files)
Processed Data = XYZ files

2. EM 2040 Dual Receiver Dual Swath
Raw Data= ".all"
Processed Data = CARIS HIPS Project (HDCS)

3. Geoaccoutics GeoSwath Plus
Raw Data= Not supplied, but available on request to Kongsberg Geoaccoustics
Processed Data = ".XYZ"
XYZ data in the DTMs is average depth
XYZ cloud data is every accepted sounding
XTF side scan data is every sounding
Now available via web site (details below).

4. M3 Bathy shallow water multibeam
Raw Data= Hypack data
Processed Data = ".XYZ"
XYZ data in the DTMs is average depth
XYZ cloud data is every accepted sounding
Now available via web site (details below).

Kongsberg FTP Details:
Site = https://ftp.km.kongsberg.com/
User: xUser-163
Pwd: ShallowSurvey2015

Teledyne Reson
5. Seabat 7125 SV2 FP4
Raw Data= "s7k"
Processed Data = CARIS HIPS Project (HDCS)

6. Seabat T20 FP4
Raw Data= "s7k"
Processed Data = CARIS HIPS Project (HDCS)

7. Odom MB1
Raw Data= "GSF"
Processed Data =Not supplied

8. Odom MB1 Processed Data = CARIS HIPS Project (HDCS) (via FTP)
FTP details:
Site = ftp.reson.com
login: MB1downloader
pwd: MB1downloader

9. WASSP WMB-3250 Multibeam Sonar
Raw Data= ".hs2"
Processed Data = GSF and XYZ

10. DTS boomer sub-bottom profiler.
SEG-Y format
If you wish to download this data please visit the website
The report is available here

Survey Areas

Survey Area 1 Survey Area 2 Remote Sensing Area